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HometownUSA Chorus

The Montgomery County, Maryland chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society was chartered on May 20, 1960. We provide musical entertainment throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for office parties, meetings of fraternal organizations and religious groups, fundraisers and other gatherings. We also sing regularly at facilities for people unable to attend regular performances because of disability or confinement. We cooperate in community efforts that advance our charitable goals, and we are appropriately active in local arts councils or similar organizations.  


The members meet weekly for musical training, rehearing both as a chorus and in quartets.  The Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct routine chapter business. 

The chorus was originally the Montgomery Counts until our home base, Rockville, Maryland, was designated an "All-American City" in 1976. In response, we changed our name to Hometowne USA . Two years later a move was made to revert to our old name but the "HOMETOWNE" image had taken hold so well that it remains our title today.

The Hometowne USA Chorus

Fall 2018

About Hometowne USA

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