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Membership Information

There are three simple requirements for membership: (1) fill out a membership application; (2) meet with a member of our music team for a brief audition that includes a vocal range check to see whether you are best suited for tenor, lead, baritone or bass; and (3) pay your first year's dues.

This dues payment makes you a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, as well as of the Montgomery County chapter. It also pays for a subscription to the Society magazine, The Harmonizer, which is filled with great information about our hobby. Along with your membership, you will receive copies of our current repertoire of songs. Soon afterwards you will be fitted for your uniform so that, when you are ready, you can join us for shows and our community service performances. 

We’ll give you plenty of help learning barbershop music. You will have a “buddy” to make sure you have a pleasant passage into our tuneful world. Weekly meetings are devoted primarily to rehearsing songs, and section leaders will offer individual help if you need it. The chapter also provides learning CDs and digital audio files of the songs with your part predominant that you can use to practice on your own between meetings.

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